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Deputy Paramount Chief of Acholi, George William Lugayi was born on the 3rd , July 1926 at Pajule Lacani, his father was John Owonona Ajali, of Palwo Kal, and his  mother was Lagilo Norah of Patongo Kal.

Rwot Lugayi went to Lacani Primary School in 1944 to 1945 for his class One and Two; later in 1946 to 48 he joined Lira Palwo Primary School for his class Three and class Five.

In 1958 was in Gulu Primary School for his Primary Five and Six, where he sat for his Primary Six Leaving Certificate in Education.

In 1953 to 1955 he completed his Training in Tabora Tanganyika now Tanzania, Tabora Training School. Junior Leaving Certificate (Junior 1, II and III) Gulu High School, he was a School Head Prefect.

George William Lugayi from 1955 to 1956 was appointed as a Clerk, Grade XI, in the services of East Africa Railway and Harbors Administration by Commercial Department- Nairobi Station Kenya.

In 1966 to 1972 he was promoted as Assistance Station Master and worked at Eldoret, Visoi, Nakuru, Kipkabush, and Mombasa among others in Kenya.

In 1977 when East Africa Railways and Harbours were decentralized and he was returned to Uganda, he was employed by Uganda Railways Cooperation as a Station Master and Mukono after the defunct East Africa Community.

In 1984, the later George William Lugayi was transferred to Gulu as a Senior Station Master where he retired from the service.

Later after his retirement, he returned home at Pajule and got activity involved in farming as well as in politics.


In 1993 the late George Lugayi was one of the emment persons in Acholi Sub Region, he was one the first initiators of peace talks between LRA and the Government of Uganda, his effort promoted some 50 armed rebels to lay down their guns and report to government of Uganda in Pajule.

In 1995 when the process of restorations begun, in 2001 George William Lugayi was appointed as first Deputy Paramount Chief of Acholi.

Also in 2000’s Rwot George Lugayi was among the many Ugandans who presistancently fought to ensure that peace prevails in Uganda and was often time included among the delegates who participated at the peace talk, (Kacoke Madit)  such as the Nairobi/Kenya peace talk, Juba Peace Talks and Garamba DR.Congo to mention a few.

The late Rwot Lugayi was married to four wives (Peresi, Adong, Kolocitina; Acullu Jejina and Grace Lugai), and all of them have passed on. By the time of his death, he had Mego Florence Aol who was taking care of him.

Rwot Lugai  had 8 children (male-5 and female 3) out of which 2 had passed on, he survived with 27 ground children.

















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