Democratic Party are on up ward trajectory in the Greater North

OMORO-UGANDA: The Democratic Party stalwart led by Norbert Mao party President General has been blocked in Omoro district to hold meeting.

The Party has scheduled to hold a grassroots mobilization on Thursday today ahead of 2021 general elections.

The party officials have left Gulu few minutes to Omoro after the press conference at Northern Uganda Media Club.

However, the team was blocked from reaching out to the people who have gathered in Omoro District Headquarters and were still in the hands of crime intelligence officers at the council hall.

Jomeo Richard, the spokesperson for IPOD, in the Northern Chapter  confirmed the blockage in a telephone interview saying the team were still with the crime intelligence officers.

Addressing the media before heading to Omoro,Dr. Siranda Gerald Blaks says the Democratic Party is rooting more on building the party structure ahead of the 2021 general polls.

The grassroots mobilizations started from Eastern Uganda headed by the Party President  down to Lango Sub Region and now in Acholi Sub Region.

“Just to understand the problem of the grassroots and to provide capacity building programs, we think the structure gets energizer. we have been having series of issues like economic governance, electoral reforms, corruption and many others.” Siranda intimates.

He further argues that the roles of DP is to gather support from grassroots and to build more structure in preparation of the next general elections.

The team were in Tochi County on Wednesday August 7th 2019 training the locals on civic rights.

Christopher Okidi the current President of Uganda Young Democrats says  the meeting in Omoro were meant for about 150 structure members.

“We  dearly want to have a strong DP hold in Omoro and win support from the locals”

He further urges that the party has the cardinal role to lead the country to transition which has for long been fiction and tale in the history of the country under the reign of President Museveni.





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