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Mr.  Yoweri Kaguta Museveni political party's stalwarts who dress on yellow T-shirts of the NRM party emblem which is being witch-hunted in Central Region is predominantly his strong hold. President Museveni is shifting his political base to Acholi, Lango and West Nile regions of recent to the dismay of Ugandans.

GULU-UGANDA: The question that is lingering in political domain, the failure of ‘Sabugabo’ reign has been ruled by an individual over the country, and through iron fist while playing the divide and rule political gimmick to hoodwink Ugandans parading the pseudo democracy.

Oyeng Yeng News wants to examine some of underlined short fall of president Museveni during Arua saga at the eve of Arua Municipality bye election in 2018, and the arrest of the People Power President Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine, the eventual torture that left him unconscious for some days, later they were brought in Gulu City with 38  treason suspect  slapped with treason charges.

Why Mr. Museveni is loosing political clouds in Buganda now, and yet 33 years from 1986 when he shot his way to power, his strong hold based was in Luwero triangle. And the people behind him are the like of King Mutebi Mwenda the Kabaka of Buganda.

Other notable political players from Central Region were also prominent Buganda former President Yusuf Lule, Dr. Kaira leader FEDMO rebels group who fought along side Museveni during five year gorilla war fairs , former Uganda Prime minister Kintu Musoke, the former Vice President Alli Kiseka, the former Vice President Robert Bukenya, former Prime Minister Apollo Sebambi. And of late the former Energy minister Sadia Bumba, were the face of Musevenism in Central Region.

However, once Kyagulanyi came into the political sphere, the Bagandans had to realize that there is time to take over power from Museveni when he arrested and locked up Kyagulanyi when he was brought to Gulu 4th Division in sack of bag dumped in police Gulu police sell and later harried transfer to UPDF military Kangaroo Court and slapped with treason, later transfer to Gulu Central Prison and introduce to Gulu High Court  charged with 7 counts in Gulu High Court.

Ugandans took up to the streets; the Central Region became Kyagulanyi strong hold, a shift in dimension of support from famous Museveni to vibrant ghetto president, Kyagulanyi. This has been a trying moment to NRM and Museveni supporters to see political favor that has been their agenda for 33 years lobby for foreign aid has been swept away by little known Kyagulanyi.

Mark Okello a Kampala base businessperson says today  in Kampala, or Central Region people no longer put on Yellow T-shirts, this because some of them who dared to put on the NRM emblems, communities gang up to tare the NRM party emblem from them.

“You can even be killed when you are spotted with NRM T-shirt, but in Gulu here I see many people are still putting on Yellow T-shirts them.” Okello wondered.

Okello reveals that one of the Makerere University Don from western Uganda disapproves the notion that Ugandans thinks that all Banyangkole are benefiting from Museveni government, but it is not true.

Okello noted, according to one of the Makerere Don who preferred anonymity,  Banyangkole are divided between the Banyima and Muoro. The Banyima are the Museveni tribe mate who hailed from Rwanda, while Banykole Muoro are not cattle keepers, they also suffered in the same fate like other Ugandans.

According to Okello, the Don claims that Banyangkole believes that northerners have rejected Museveni throughout his 33 years reign.

“I cannot allow a Baganda marry my daughter, but I can allow an Acholi man to marry my daughter because they stand for the right course.” Okello argued.

Adding that even UPDF Generals who works with Museveni government, are quietly saying that Museveni have no control over the country, because things are not in his favor.

“One of the UPDF Generals who has been under Museveni’s government, one day asked Museveni to retire him from UPDF, but Museveni denied his resignation” he claimed.

It is alleged that President Museveni has been thieving to have won his Dr. Paul Ssemogerere in the presidential polls by 99 percent in 1996 and in year 2001 he got about 80 percents of votes when he contested with Dr. Kizza Besigye.

President Museveni is reportedly said to have been engaged in using UPDF to rig elections by staffing ballot papers, because most ballot boxes were stored at military barracks.

While from Western Uganda, President Museveni obtained block votes in each president polls because he has been using Presidential Protection Brigade to force voters to vote for NRM, Observer urged.





















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