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UGANDAN: Officials from the office of the presidency have castigated Residence District Commissioners-RDCs from northern Uganda for not adequately monitoring government programs in their respective districts.


The RDCs from Acholi and Lango sub-regions were for a monitoring and evaluation training organized by the office of the presidency at Bomah Hotel in Gulu district.


The officials tasked the RDCs to explain why Universal Primary Education – UPE performances keeps dropping yet the government spends up to about 13 billion shillings every year in Acholi sub-region.

The officials wondered why some RDCs who have been in the same position for over 20 years still fail to monitor service delivery in their respective districts saying Uganda would have attained the level of development as the Asians giants if the RDCs were executing their duties accordingly.

The RDCs were argued to use the resources of their offices to be on the ground monitoring how things are being done and reporting if things are lacking.


William Komakech, the Kitgum Resident Commission says urged that RDCs need to be included at development and implementation of every plan by government so as to make them aware of what need to be done by who and how.

Dusman Okee, Pader RDC noted that monitoring is a process and that time for reports should be allotted accordingly.

The officials directed the RDCs to ensure that the communities own the services within their areas and that the RDCs should go to the community instead of the community coming to them.

The workshop was organized to build the capacity of RDCs to enable them carry out their mandate and has been rolled out across the country.


The minister for the presidency however said that unlike other parts of the country, Acholi and Lango sub-regions have continued to perform very dismally in terms of service delivery saying thus “There are some region that has been very successful in delivering government programs like in western Uganda, we receive report when they find some negative report coming from the country side. We send the teams to find out what are these, for example when RDC of Lamwo District Navision Kidega Nok has been accused for land grabbing; we have intervened in the land grabbing”

The permanent secretary in the office of the presidency cautioned the RDCs against engaging in petty issues which are not part of their mandated like land grabbing which he cites the Lamwo RDC as a culprit.








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