If it were Mutu or Kintu the world would look the other ways





Geoffrey Okello alleged Gulu UPDF ateliers expert, a docile Okello Geoffrey.

President Museveni ordered UPDF court martial to try the Okello.

GULU-UGANDA:  The community of Pece Vanguard demonstrated on Tuesday Feb. 19, 2020.  Demonstrating Pece community will never votes for National Resistance Movement (NRM) if alleged UPDF Okello was not brought to book.

On Sunday on Feb. 18, 2020 at 8.45PM unknown UPDF soldier short death three people and injury one person, according to the survivor of the shoot out.

However, Major Ceaser Olweny Northern Uganda UPDF Spokesperson who appeared at Northern Uganda Media Club says the alleged Private Okello was on duty on the fateful night when the shootout occurred, Major Olweny urged.

“I cannot comment whether Launce Corporal Okello killed the three people or not since the investigation is still going on, beside that he was arrested without the parading the alleged killer suspect.” Major Olweny commented.

Police Officer from Gulu on  anonymous says Lance Corporal Okello was convicted on Tuesday Feb. 19, 2020 by President Museveni when he ordered Gulu Police Detectives to hand over Okello’s file to UPDF high command  Gulu 4th Division commander, source intimated.

“An eyes witness’s account reveals that Gulu Regional Crimes Scenes expert was seen photocopies 60 pages statement recorded by Okello and other witnesses. The 60 pages photocopies statement remain with Gulu Officer In-charged of Crimes desk while the original police statement file was transferred to UPDF court Martial.” An eyes witness recalled.

Why Gulu Murder became hot potatoes, Launce Corporal Okello has been scarified by Kampala regime, for many years the regime has been scarifying children to maintain their regime in power.

Because Acholi community has never been voting as block votes, but when finally Lance Corporal Okello is convicted in UPDF Kangaroo Court martial before Lt. Gen. Kuti, the court martial just kick off today in Gulu 4th UPDF Division, Okello’s fate would be seal.

Odong George from Koro Lamuto says Lance Corporal Okello his murder is being handled politically, why. He questioned the motive behind President Museveni engagement.

“If Okello is Mutu or Kintu, a person who hail from Southern Uganda, the question of court martial would not even be herd, Okello case it experimental the Ongwen Dominic trial before ICC.” Odong alleged.

In 2004 one of the UPDF soldiers from Lalogi called Rubangakene who happened to killed people in Lalogi was court martial despised the fact that his case was politically motivated.






















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