The first family finally moving to replace Sebogabo from Presidency after 35 years in power.

Henry Tumukunde bid for presidency is a smoke serene, just playing the role of being biblical John the Baptist.

KAMPALA: UGANDA: The 2021 Presidential polls would be critical political landmark in Uganda historical and political play, information reaching Oyeng Yeng News desk intimates that Muhoozi Kaneirugaba President Museveni first son has decided to contest for president in the fourth Presidential and Parliamentary election schedule in 2021.

Muhoozi Kaneirugaba has been sweet talked to join politics by some of his military close ally from the IGARD that convened him to take up leadership from his father now when the muzee is sills have political mussels, and he still has some political cloud in the West and Eastern world.

“Go tell you father Museveni that you want to stand for the fourth presidential election in 2021, and do it now when Uganda road map for election has not yet come out.” Muhoozi  alliances directed him.


Okello John to Oyeng Yeng News that in deed when Gen Muhoozi ascend to and told President Museveni that he is interested in the seat, President Museveni consent to his ideas and promised to support him.

“In fact President Museveni was very agog finally to receive information from his son who he has been grooming to take over the leadership from him.” Okello disclosed.

Okello further more adds on that Gen. Muhoozi planned presidential bid has calumniates the fall back of Uganda former Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mabazi back in political limelight, the Gen. Muhoozi pronouncement happened at the time when he declarer his interest to take replace his father.

Adds on that the program  of calling Gen. David Ssejuja and re-union between them is a gustier to mend fences with President Museveni has been part of Gen. Muhoozi program, the release of the former Inspector General of Police IGP, Gen. Kali Kaihura from the dungeon it a political ploy to paper the crack on the wall, Okello urged.

Okello reveals that Gen. Muhoozi his political moves to stand for big post has caused a big ubiquitous in the kitchen cabinets, “It has divided the kitchen cabinet apart.” He reasoned;

Why President decided to bid farewell Gen. Muhoozi.

The entrant of the People Power Movement political pressure groups the Sadondo East Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has thrown a spana into the statehouse wheel, this is one of the many reasons, Oyeng Yeng News political pundits have learned.

President Museveni intelligences report finding reveals that Kyagulanyi energetic mussels has caused sleepiness night in the statehouse corridors that has sent spin wire, Oyeng Yeng divulge the information.

The storm gin the tea cup of Ndugu Robert Kyagulanyi old guard could not match their strength according to the intelligence finding, and the big man now need Gen. Muhoozi most to counter any obstacle.

Other political school of thought close to Oyeng Yeng News intimates that the Muhoozi presidential bid was welcome by pop corn on Entebbe road last month in February 2020, that claimed decomposition of biological substance, we would digest the matter when we cross the bridge.

Henry Tumukunde presidential bid

Gen. Tumukunde has been moving across the region asking people and collecting data on a fact finding mission to find out the opinion polls if the political atmosphere is conducive for him to stand, or to find out if the system in the favor of any person for presidency apart for the big man.

However, Gen. Tumukunde’s move to contest has raised questions among many political players in the region questioning why Tumukunde of all people, and why now. So, the Tumukunde is just working for Gen. Muhoozi as smoke screen.

President Huru Kenyatta Raila ODINGA Amollo BBI

In 2017, the East African Community witness un-doer-able phenonomena, what many political observers have codenamed — ‘the golden hand sake’.

Would the marriage between Kenyan President Huru Kenyatta and his former political archrival Raila Odinga “Agwambo” be real, and what are the political impacts in the Great Lakes Region?

There are many sides of the see-saw; first of all, for years many schools of thought were agitating that the big fish in the region was the former Kenya President Daniel Arap Moi (RIP), but little did they know that it was the rich widow of former Kenya’s founding father Jommo Kenyatta, “Mama Angina.”

The differences between Jaluo and Kikuyu were a blessing in disguise to the political players in Uganda and the big beneficiary has been President Museveni since the failed 1985 Nairobi peace ‘joke’. And now Uganda’s strong man (Museveni) has been using the fuse in Kenya to build Tutsi Empire in the region — we shall debate that one later on.

The golden handshake of Uhuru and Raila Odinga demonstrates that the 200 year rule of Sebogabo reign is over, because in Kenya’s 2022 Presidential and parliamentary polls is most likely to see for the first time Raila Odinga Amollo the Luo chief ascend to power after the forth presidential attempt in 40 years since the failed coup in 1982.

When Raila Odinga finally gains presidency of Kenya, with Tanzania’s Mugafulu, that would be an easy play in the region.

Oyeng Yeng News argues that Uganda’s strong man rule wing would be clipped; So, Muhoozi is the answer.

Vineyard sources also intimate that Gen. Muhoozi’s tweet to Kyagulanyi although many political viewers see problem in it, but according to social comptemporary study, it is a reality.





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